Overlord is a Windows based, host side utility for VGA Planets games.

Host side indicates that the user must have access to the host files of a particular game for Overlord to function

Overlord was written to assist a person in hosting a VGA Planets game.
It has the ability to ADD, DELETE, and MODIFY just about everything associated with VGAP. Some uses include creating game scenarios, monitoring game progress, editing planets, starbases, ships, ion storms, mine fields, and some UFO add-ons, and creating a final battle.

Warning: Overlord does not edit check the majority of changes you make. Please make a backup copy of your game or host directory before making any changes. I am not responsible for unexpected errors that could occur especially if the Tim Continuum strikes.

VGA Planets is a play-by-email game for the IBM PC written by Tim Wisseman.

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