What is Overlord?
Overlord is a windows based host side utility for VGA Planets (VGAP).

What does "host side" mean?
Host side indicates that the user must have access to the host files of a particular game for
Overlord to function. As a result, a player cannot use Overlord to edit his turn files
because certain vital files are missing from the game directory.

Is this a cheat program?
No, Overlord is not intended to allow a player to cheat. Unfortunately, if the game host is
participating in a game and has a copy of Overlord he can use the edit functions to give
himself an unfair advantage in the game.

Why would you write a cheat program?
I didn't. I intended Overlord to allow a game host to setup various scenarios and in general
grant greater flexibility for setting up a game. Using Overlord is the easiest way to create
an evenly generated game for players. Giving this ability to the host also grants an
unscrupulous host the ability to alter the game during play.

Does Tim Wissemann (author of VGAP) endorse this product?
A link to the Overlord website can be found on the official VGAP website. While this may
not be an official endorsement, it would at the least indicate a tacit approval of this
product. It is worthy of note that Mr. Wissemann does not approve of cheat programs for
VGAP, further indication of the worth of this program.

Is this a fully functional program?
The shareware version will only allow updates and viewing of a small percentage of the
VGAP universe. Overlord must be registered to allow unrestricted updates (and get rid of
the nag screens) to VGAP host files. Registration information is at the end of this